Spacial’s fastest growing solution, SAM Broadcaster Cloud, is a powerful cloud internet radio broadcasting solution. SAM Broadcaster Cloud is web-based, allowing you to access the application directly in your browser, anywhere and anytime.

Ever since being introduced in the market, SAM Broadcaster Cloud continues to grow in popularity. With over 2,000+ stations, over 975,710 library tracks and over 71,674 total play duration, SAM Broadcaster Cloud continues to break boundaries. We take a moment to unpack why SAM Broadcaster Cloud’s popularity keeps growing.

A Listening Ear

Spacial has taken a proactive approach to listen to its customers’ feedback. The feedback has been used to improve on and introduce new features. To get as much feedback as possible, Spacial introduced a feedback section within the SAM Broadcaster Cloud user interface which provides customers with a simplified platform to provide Spacial with feedback on features. This has helped Spacial channel its efforts to developing and improving on features that customers are looking for.


New & Improved Features

This 2016 alone, Spacial has introduced some exciting new features and updates as follows:

  • Introduced the Request feature which enables listeners to dedicate requests through the station website. Learn how.
  • Leading and trailing tracks now supported. Learn how  
  • When editing a track in SAM Cloud, you can now see and modify which playlists it belongs to. Learn how 
  • You can now sort and search playlists to stay in control of your library. Learn how
  • The upload screen now has an indicator, indicating how long it will take for your files to upload. See a preview
  • Validate your TuneIn details to display track metadata on Tunein.com. Learn how 
  • You now have the ability to limit your failover logic to the main library or station playlists when managing multiple stations with the same media library. Learn how 
  • You can now clear your played history. Learn how 

In addition to these features, in 2015 Spacial also introduced some ground breaking features such as the ability to select from various themes for SAM Broadcaster Cloud as well providing customers with hosted player website pages and a downloadable website template for easy editing. The hosted player website pages mean that station owners automatically have a website where their listeners can listen to non-stop entertainment.


Improved Support

Spacial has also improved its Support by adding an Academy section for fast access to support resources. The Academy section has loads of support videos to help you get started.


What are our Customers Saying?

I’ve used the traditional SAM broadcaster for many years and I always considered it the most complete most professional broadcasting package out there. When Sam Cloud came along it was like a whole new world opened up to me. I run a station with Partners all over the country and Sam Cloud gave me and them the opportunity to truly collaborate and them the opportunity to truly take control of our programming making it more responsive and just a much higher-quality overall. And the new request feature has just been a godsend enabling us to bring our listeners into the whole experience. I’ll never use anyone else. – Jim Jowsey (Shorelife Radio)

I really appreciate the flexibility that having a station affords. This past school year I was able to broadcast JHS basketball games in NYC. The students loved it. The Principal’s loved it. Thought it was a good idea to recruit incoming students for the upcoming school year. This is so cool. I’m looking to expand to more schools in the upcoming school year.- Dj Majestic

There you have it! You have to try it to believe it. If you haven’t tried out SAM Broadcaster Cloud, the trial version starts from only $5/month.