Before we get into details, let’s take a look at a typical Internet radio station. It’s an extremely compact and the set-up is tremendously easy. And frankly, about 50% of what you see are devices that you may not even need.

Typical Internet radio station for an individual

What will you do when you’re broadcasting? It all comes down to what are your intentions.

Regardless, if you are already someone who likes technology and broadcasting, there’s a good chance you have most of what you’ll need to begin transmitting to the community, region and the world. The top 10 are:

  1. A website where listeners can find your stream (and, obviously, an Internet address (URL) which reflects what you call your station).
  2.  The aspiring broadcaster will need a computer that serves one purpose, to broadcast your format.
  3. A good, reliable broadband connection.
  4. Software that will allow you to play music, interview people, broadcast live events (with the appropriate permission). Or whatever you can imagine your future needs from an audio content delivery standpoint.
  5. An off-site server that will take your stream and make your broadcast available to your growing audience. This is different than the company that hosts your website.
  6. A service that will (if you are broadcasting content created by others) handle the royalty issues.
  7. An audio mixer.
  8. A nice quiet spot where you teach or live.
  9. A good set of headphones.
  10. And a microphone.

There are other devices you might want to add-on to your studio, but the above are the basics.


Extract from: Internet Radio Podcasting for Educators & Individuals e-Book

Author: Kevin Vandenbroek

For a full copy of the e-book, please send a request email to marketing@spacial.com