Why Every Broadcaster Should Use Radio Automation Software

radio automation software sam_cloudToday, being a radio DJ isn’t about leaping over gatekeepers to the industry, squeezing yourself through hoop after hoop. Radio automation software has brought the power of slick, professional audio content to your home, school or place of work. All you need is an internet connection, and plenty of broadcasting chutzpah…

So, if you’re looking to create your online radio station, we’re heavily in favour of the automated route. Let’s discuss what it can do for your fledgling audio brand, and the skills you’ll be able to show off:

Fully-managed, 24-hour playlists

radio automation software sam_cloud scheduled eventsYour concept may be fantastic, but few people are able to leap into being a radio DJ overnight. It takes time to build an audience, prove your chops on the mic, and establish what makes you special. Most of us have full-time jobs that drag us away from our hobbies – live broadcast software being one of the finest.

However, with SAM Broadcaster Cloud, you can set playlists to pre-configured cycles, letting them run while you’re away from the mixing desk. Subtler tweaks can determine what songs from an artist’s catalogue are played within a select time frame, and the points where one playlist switches to another.

It’ll also keep compiling listener stats – where your audience is coming from, their preferences, and any patterns they’re prone to – for your insight.

Quick music library transfers

radio automation software sam_cloud playlistReal music lovers will have a lot of audio content to share, turning listeners on to the best sounds in their collection. A firm vision for your station is all well and good, yet how do you prepare the music files for streaming? Does it take much effort to verify a track will play as it should?

Luckily, SAM Broadcaster offers a simple answer. It lets you open a special upload tab in your browser, which you can then use as a drag-and-drop area for your files. Once you’ve done so, each song goes into ‘processing’ mode, analysed for its playback functionality. There’s a percentage gauge at the side of every track, confirming whether the upload is 100% successful.

Radio automation software can subsequently organize your files into a ‘media type’ – for instance, jingles and promotional songs, as opposed to the meat of your music playlists. This removes the grunt work of assigning your audio manually on every upload.

Designated access

As your station snowballs into something truly special, you could bring on friends, peers and business contacts as additional DJs. They can helm a sister station to your main channel, or take over broadcasting duties through the week.

Internet radio software (the good kind, at least) can restrict who gets access to a streaming platform. It also protects your audio from being deleted, as well as someone’s right to change a playlist configuration on the fly. SAM Broadcaster offers ascending levels of station packages and DJ accounts to evolve with your ambition.

The benefits of radio automation software are too many to list. Being an amateur broadcaster is a ton of fun – however, there’s sense in making it easier, more intelligent and better suited to your working life. Try our automated software today, free of charge, and discover a sound decision for those audio dreams!